What requirements are there to implement the Get Ready to Learn program at our school?

1. Schools must have access to wifi. Our program videos are only available through streaming and cannot be downloaded or distributed. 2. A trained staff member in the room to ensure all protocols are being followed and all staff is modeling for participants. 3. Mats for all students and staff to participate. Contact us directly if you need assistance procuring mats.

My school is still on your old streaming platform, can we migrate to your new platform?

If you are part of a New York City school, platform migration will occur in 2020. If you are not part of a New York City school, please have your school adimistrator contact about migrating to our new platform. Otherwise, you shall remain on our old platform until your school's expiration.

Is your school program only for students with disabilities?

No the program is for all students. There are modifications built in and adaptations for our most physically and/or behaviorally-challenged students.

Do you accept purchase orders?


Do all students and staff require yoga mats?

Yes all participants doing the floor or foundations series must have their own individual mats. Shared mats are not permitted.

How do schools fit in another activity in the course of an already packed school day?

The researched GRTL program is considered embedded curriculum. That is, the program is embedded into a teaching period as the warm up for learning, resulting in measurable changes in behavior, academic performance, attention and communication.

I am a returning school whose membership is about to expire on your old platform, how do I renew?

Please have your school administrator contact about your request for renewal. Be sure to include your school details and how many classrooms are currently enrolled/interested in renewing.

I am interested in bringing the Get Ready to Learn program to my school, where do I begin?

Please fill out this form here:


Can I cancel my membership?

Memberships are a year-long commitment, paid in one annual fee and cannot be refunded. If you wish to cancel your membership for any reason, you may email, but your membership fee cannot be refunded.

I don't believe I need the additional support materials your memberships offer. Can I access your program videos without becoming a member?

Unfortunately, no. With our new model, only individual members or school members may gain access to our program videos. We've discovered that our program videos are best utilized with additional support materials, which is why we now offer a variation of resources depending on your member plan.

I am a therapist looking to implement The Get Ready Project into classrooms I supervise. Can I have seperate logins for those classrooms?

If you wish to provide seperate logins for your supervised classrooms, or if you have multiple supervised classrooms running the program at the same time, please contact There is a $110 fee for every classroom login provided.

Do you offer any in-person workshops of The Get Ready to Learn Two-Day Training?

At this time, we are only offering online trainings of this workshop for our individual members. We hope to implement more in-person workshops in the future. In-person workshops are currently only offered to our New School Memberships.

What's the difference between First Year Professional Members and Returning Professional Members?

Both the First Year Professional Membership and the Returning Professional Membership offer access to our full video streaming library, online resources, monthly tutorials, and support sessions. The only difference is our First Year Professional Members are new to The Get Ready Project and have never been trained with our Get Ready to Learn two-day training workshop, and so their membership includes this training. Upon expiration and successful completion of our training, First Year Professional Members can then upgrade to the Returning Professional Member Plan. If you've already attended a Get Ready to Learn two-day training workshop and are familiar with our program, you should purchase the Returning Professional Membership. Verification that you have gone through our training is required at sign up.

Can I download your program resources?

All of our support resources, except our program videos, are downloadable. The program videos are in streaming format and can be accessed from a computer, ipad or phone.


How physically difficult are your sequences?

The sequences can be adapted for clients of all ages and motor maturity or challenges. Implemented in phases, allows participants who have processing or difficulty initiating, the ability to learn and practice step by step in our phases of implementation. Adaptations are reviewed and practiced in our trainings and ongoing support is offered with our membership program. This is a basic practice which introduces the clinician to specific developmental movement. No prior training or experience necessary.

I am having difficulty logging in or viewing program materials, who should I contact?

Please email

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